Wednesday, August 19, 2009

weekend at nasik :)

It was a refreshing weekend at the Sula vineyard in Nasik. A villa by the lake with a hill on the other side, loads of rain, wine, weed joints, amazing food and a cool bunch of friends to share it all with.

I had never heard of the Sula Valley or the Sula Wines till a friend fo mine sent me a link to thier website asking me if I was interested in joining them for an extended weekend in Nasik. .I am always up for a new place whether its home or abroad. So I packed my bags..

Stay at "beyond" was ultraa comfortable. We were literally spoilt for the full four days we were there. There was an inhouse cook who made the most amazing vegetarian dishes I have ever had. I am a "a meal without meat? .. whats that like ?" type of person. But pandit-ji as he liked to be called and his group of helpers took care of the meals for four days and it opened up a whole new world of fine vegetarian dining. The food was so yum. In the middle east the vegetarian choices are so limited and bland that it is almost impossible to just survive on just veggies.

There was also a private infinity pool which overlooked the vineyard - this is where we spent majority of our time chilling after getting stoned with weed and wine :) And one one of the days we went for a tour of the factory whcih included a wine tasting session - 10 different types which was enough to get me on a high :-P

After the trip I spent a few days in our Mumbai offices before i returned to Dubai. And since I had to work I managed to get my firm to reimburse my airfare to Mumbai.. cheeky wasnt it ?And it being only a four hrs drive from Mumbai I might even think of revisitng that place..

* most of the pictures were taken by a friend who is a total photography freak*